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Help » Database management » Import custom database
Import Database Starting from version 2.0 of the iSpeedCam you are able to import your own POI files and use it for navigation.

On the import custom database screen you can see date and time when you last imported your own database. The PIN to access the application's web client used to upload your POI files will also be displayed here.

As a quick reference the address where to upload your own POI files is always displayed on this screen.

Backup Database
Returns you to the manage database screen.
Backup Database
Initiates the import process. When the process is finished you will be notified about the results of the process.
Import Settings Screen
While the import process is running you may can cancel it at any moment.
Warning IconImportant notes:

Currently the iSpeedCam accepts the following POI file types:


example for the POI file's structure:

23.574770,46.750624,"MOBILE:Oak Street@60"

23.578761,46.753013,"GATSO:Maple dr.@70"



example for the POI file's structure:


GATSO,23.562133,46.752589,Joe's place,50




example for the POI file's structure:






example for the POI file's structure:

PT="25.561390 45.331870" POI="F80"

PT="25.984070 44.506810" POI="R60"

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