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iSpeedCam User Guide

Welcome to iSpeedCam – the most advanced Traffic Enforcement Camera warning system for iOS and Android. While iSpeedCam helps you to obey the speed limits where traffic monitoring systems are present, thus reducing the number of speed tickets you might get, for your safety we recommend obeying the traffic laws all your way.

The most important features of the iSpeedCam are the clean user interface, the customisable camera database, the map feature with track history and statistics and the Google Maps integration in case you have Internet access.

But… feel free to discover all of them by yourself or let the links below guide you further.

The main views
These are the most basic screens of the application informing you about the cameras nearby and your current driving conditions.
Track management
This section shows you how to review / edit the tracks you have saved.
Database management
Learn about adding / importing / deleting coordinates from the camera database.
Other topics
Make sure iSpeedCam is doing what you need by exploring the settings and the camera filters.
Warning IconImportant notes:

During phone calls iPhone stops running the user applications, therefore iSpeedCam cannot protect you. After you finish an incoming call iSpeedCam restarts and you are protected again.

Note, that iSpeedCam is based on your iPhone’s Location Services feature, and it is influenced by its accuracy. Lack of cellular network coverage, Wi-Fi (WLAN) or GPS signals in a certain area may cause incorrect position/speed reports on your iPhone, even more your iSpeedCam may not warn you about possible cameras or display your speed / position incorrectly.

You can always verify your current signal's strength on the Statistics view. If you have problems, make sure that the Location Services feature is enabled in the Settings application.

Note: Continued use of device's GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Certain features of the application make frequent use of the device's internet connection.

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