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iSpeedCam is an application under continuous improvement. In order to benefit from the best functionalities and ease of use, we advise you to always check for the latest versions.

A second important feature is that we have built regional versions for 5 continents and several specific countries. The reason is that drivers from one region may be more up to date with road conditions on that area; therefore, they will be more likely to use just the version of their region.

The free version of the application has only the visual warnings enabled in it. When you upgrade from the free version to a regional or full version you will enable the warning sounds as well.

From Free to Regional

If you have a free version of iSpeedCam, you will not get audio warnings. When upgrading you will basically enable sounds, as shown on the screen.

From Regional to World Wide

If you already have a regional version of iSpeedCam and you travel a lot, you may want to upgrade to the World Wide version. When upgrading, a global map button will appear and a green check will show if you succeeded your operation.

From Free to World Wide

If you have a free version of iSpeedCam, you will not get audio warnings. You can upgrade the application directly to the World Wide version where you have the audio warnings enabled and access to the worldwide camera database.

Don't notify about updates
On the bottom of the screen (Free to Regional and Regional to World Wide screens only) you may also check the "Don't notify about updates" option. We do not recommend it, but you are free to choose it.
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