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Help » Database management » Add camera
Main Help Icon The use of this screen is to mark the position on the road, where you see a camera. You can select the camera type, speed limit and other options if you wish. The "Autosave and back" function saves your camera and brings you back in the main screen. Later you can use the personal database filter to review the camera's position and details or to delete the camera altogether.

Note that latitude and longitude can be specified both in Degrees-Minutes-Seconds format like N 51d 31' 53" and W 0d 9' 37" or in Decimal Degrees format like 51.531389 and -0.160278.

If you have added a camera accidentally, you can delete it on the personal database filter screen. If you are still near to your place where you have added the camera, it will be among the topmost cameras on the table.

Save Button
Saves your changes and goes back.
Cancel Button
Cancels your changes and goes back.
Save type and speed as default
The cameras added in the future have the selected speed and type by default.
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