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There are many different camera types iSpeedCam can work with. When approaching cameras you can always see the main camera type icon on the main screens. This enables you to focus on the laws required by a certain camera type (e.g. speed, red light, or police).
Unknown Camera
Unspecified camera type.
Blue Speedcam
Fixed camera type, like Gatso, Truvelo, Monitron and others.
Blue Redlight
Traffic lights where a traffic enforcement camera is present.
Mobile Blue
Locations where Safety Partnership camera vans and police regularly check your speed.
Section Blue
Section cameras measure your average speed over a section of the road, by registering your entry / exit time.
Red Sign
Note, that on the minimap and the personal database filter the unknown and fixed speed camera types are marked with the speed limit symbols.

If you do not wish to get warnings for some of the camera types, you can disable them on the filter screen.

You can always filter out specific cameras if you think that you are receiving a false alarm for them. When you think that you have a false alarm for a certain camera, tap the Disable Camera toolbar button on the main screen, and you won't get any more warnings on that camera. However, if you change you mind and wish to re-enable that camera you can do that from the personal database filter by deleting the filter for that specific camera.

The speed limit signs for the enabled cameras look like this:

Red Sign
Speed limit sign when using metric units.
Red Sign Grey
Speed limit sign when using imperial units.
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