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Help » Database management » Personal database filter
Edit Database The personal database filter allows you to list, add and delete personal camera filters in the iSpeedCam. When you enter this screen, the camera filters are sorted ascending by the distance from your current location.

You can sort the camera filters, ascending or descending, by their name or by their distance from your current location by tapping the text "Name" or "Distance".

Plus sign
The plus sign on the left of the camera name indicates that this camera has been added by you using the add camera feature.
Minus sign
The minus sign on the left of the camera indicates that this camera has been filtered out. Deleting this filter re-enables the camera.
The "Type" column indicates the camera type.
Delete camera filter
Deletes the camera filter.
Google Maps
Brings you to the Google Maps screen showing you the position of the camera filter (or all cameras filters) on the map.
Clear all
Allows you to delete all camera filters in one move.
Add camera
Allows you to add a new camera to the personal database, specifying its coordinates.
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