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Help » The main views » COMPASS view
Compass The compass screen is the simplest view of the main views, designed for being used most of the time on your way. On the center of the screen you will see a compass, containing a green car, or a speed limit table, if cameras are nearby.

For the basic elements of the screen use the views guide page as reference .

No Phone Icon
Note that during phone calls iPhone stops running the user applications, therefore iSpeedCam cannot protect you.
No Camera In Range
There is no camera in range.
Proximity Mode
Information about the next camera nearby. The red arrow indicates the direction of the camera.
Warning Mode
Beware! You are very close to the next camera. Use the settings screen to adjust the distance where you would like to be warned like this. Note that some cameras take the picture from the rear, so you will see this warning for a little while after passing the camera.
Compass. N indicates direction North. It might be inaccurate while you are standing still.
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