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Help » The main views

iSpeedCam has three main views that you are likely to use on your way. On these screens you are able to examine your current driving conditions and get informed about the next camera you might encounter.

In case a camera is very near, beyond the acoustic warnings you also get visual notifications on these screens. In order to notice the warning sounds here and on the other screens make sure your iPhone's sound volume is loud enough and the device is not muted.

Depending on the view you selected on the center of the screen you will see one of these three views:


MAP view


You can change the views with the controls on the top of the screen, or by sliding with your finger to the left or right.

We also recommend visiting the camera types page as a reference about the concepts of iSpeedcam's camera types.

Also familiarize yourself with other common elements of the main views:

Camera Indicator
The next camera type.
Current Speed
Your current speed. Note that the speed reported by iPhone's OS is not very accurate, especially if you have weak signal strength. You might experience delayed speed display or you can get zero speed. Read more on the main Help page.
Current Altitude
Your current altitude.

On the bottom of these screens you have a toolbar with the following buttons:

Add Camera
Adds a camera to your current position.
Disable Camera
Removes the warnings for the current camera. Use this option only after reading about it in the camera types section.
Track History
Brings you to the track history screen where you can examine your last tracks.
Google Map
Shows your current position on the Google Maps. It needs Internet connection.
Main Menu
Brings you to the main menu where you can customize the iSpeedCam functionality.
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